Sinkó András ceramics



Kalotaszeg, 30th November 1901 - Budapest, 10th Szeptember 1976



He applied for ceramics subject of Hungarian Royal School of Applied Arts in 1917.
After he made over for sculpture subject in Imre Simay's class.
In 1922 he finished it and worka as a sculptur. In 1928 he emigrated to Paris and he lived and worked until 1930 there.
Many his works exhibited in Paris Salon. Margit Sikorszki Zsolnay took note of his works in exhibition of Hungarian Applied Arts Company of 1935.
She bought his all of the 29 works art its plan.
Then hi planed only the Zsolnay Factory.
Between 1945-53 he got phisycal staff about the art work stopped. For ages he worked as a glasspainter at muffed furnaces. From 1953 he planned again, and he made many plan until his retirement of 1961.


  - The mark of András Sinkó


1. Sinkó András - Lying bison


The mark: Sinkó 1923

size: 21 x 38cm

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