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Magyar art deco kerámiák című könyv.

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Welcome to my homepage!

Welcome to my homepage I wish a pleasant and useful pastime everyone visited me. Art of ceramics is perhaps the least discussed topic of the Hungarian History of art. We have only little or no information of the existence and history of several creators or smaller workshops. I have created this homepage to conver these deficienses. I would like to give more and more information to the visitors of my homepage mainly of biographical data, works in private collections and workshop-marks of Hungarian creators lived in the XIXth, XXth century. I'm looking forward to visitors, collectors, artists and friend of art being interested in ceramics. I would be appreciated for advices, commands and proposals. Furthermere I am looking for works of Gorka Géza, Gádor István, H. Ráhmer Mária, Zsolnay and other ceramics from the XIXth, XXth century to buy at a good price.

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