Kiss Rooz Ilona

(Szatmárnémeti, 1920. dec. 11.)

Granduated from the Hungarian Royal College of Craft with honours in 1943 as a pupil of Antal Orbán and Béla Ohmann. In 1948-52 she was assistant to István Gádor at the Academy. Since then works indepently. In her activity thrown figurative ceramic is determinant. Her works, rooted in pottery and handicraft tradition is char acterized by clam, senerity, and humour. Within the possibilities of the matter, all her works are determined by the joy of narration, expression of stylized character and playful decorativeness. She makes table ware, dishes, candle-sticks adomed with figural groups, free-standing figures alone or in twos or threes and architectural ceramics.
Member of the Association of Hungarian Artists, Society of Ceramists (1949) and the Hungarian Art Fund later MAOE.


- The marks of Ilona Kiss Rooz

Kiss Rooz Ilona - Conple

about 1960

high: 32cm

Kiss Rooz Ilona - Girl with bougnet


high: 38cm

Kiss Rooz Ilona - Girl with bougnet II

1960 körül

magasság: 27cm

Kiss Rooz Ilona - Boy

about 1950

high: 26cm


Kiss Rooz Ilona - Girl with bougnet III

about 1950

high: 21cm

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