Janaky Viktor ceramics

Viktor Janáky was born in 1933 in Békés. He got his degree in 1956 at the Hungarian Academy of Applied Arts. He has been working in his own studio since 1957. His main works are decorative ceramic sculptures and murals. He is a member of the Art. Foundation (1956-92), the National Association of Hungarian Artists (1992), Association of Hungarian Fine Artists (1966), International Academy of Ceramics (1982), Union of Hungarian Architects (1990), Society of Hungarian Ceramics (1991), Advisory Board for Prize Giving, nominated by the Ministry of Culture (1992). From 1958 onward he participates in all important national and international collective exhibitions, and presented 9 one-man exhibitions (3 abroad). He has 18 works in public squares and buildings, among wich 3 are abroad.


Janaky Viktor - Wall-plate with fruits


size: 26 x 22,5cm


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