Mária Ráhmer (Mrs. László Hartmann)

(Budapest, 1911 – Canada, 1998)

She wanted to be a balettdancer, but on her parents’ advice she went in for the fine arts. She began her study on ceramic subject in National School of Applied Arts in Dezsġ Orbán’s class between 1926-29. When she finished the school she took some study-tour to German and Paris.

In 1931 she opened an own workshop in 1 Rákos street, on the 9th district. She exhibited regularly, she appeared almost on every more important exhibitions. In 1933 she moved her workshop in 9-11 Személynök street, on the 5th district. In 1935 she got the gold medallion honorary diploma on the Brussels International Exhibition. In 1939 she opened a workshop in Paris and from here she carried out her foreight order to 1941.

She emigrated to France about worse and worse Hungarian situation in 1949. She lived in Paris and she employed in ceramic education. She moved to Canada for her apprentices’ request and she participated actively in the local artistic life until her death.

- Mária Ráhmer's mark

1. H. Rahmer Mária - Boy with fruit-baskt

between 1930-40

high: 42cm

2. H. Rahmer Mária - Minner boy

about 1935

hihg: 50cm

3. H. Rahmer Mária - Woman half-lenght portrait

 about 1930-35

size: 25cm

4. H. Ráhmer Mária - Riding nymph is on fish

about 1932-35

size: 15 x 25cm

5. H. Ráhmer Mária - Riding boy is on snail

about 1930-35


6. H. Ráhmer Mária - Wall-mask

about 1930

size: 17cm

7. H. Ráhmer Mária - Angler boy

Marked: H. Ráhmer 1931

high: 24cm

8. H. Ráhmer Mária - Musician child-pair

about 1930-35

high:18 cm

9. H. Ráhmer Mária - Head-plastics

between 1930-35

high: boy - 12cm, girl - 13cm

10. H. Ráhmer Mária - Bowl holders

about 1930-35

high: girl - 28cm, boy - 24cm

11. H. Ráhmer Mária - Maria half-lenght partrain

between 1930-40

high: 14cm

12. H. Ráhmer Mária - Covered box

about 1930-35

size: 10cm

13. H. Ráhmer Mária - Lamp


high: 29cm

14. H. Ráhmer Mária - Little woman hand-plastic


high: 10cm

15. H. Ráhmer Mária - Fluting boy

between 1930-40

high: 28cm

16. H. Ráhmer Mária - Little girl with bowl

about 1930-35

high: 18cm

17. H. Ráhmer Mária - Kneeling girl

between 1930-35

18. H. Ráhmer Mária - Shoemaker boy

about 1935

high: 43cm

19. H. Ráhmer Mária - Little girl with birds

between 1930-35

high: 23cm

20. H. Ráhmer Mária - Shawl girls

about 1930-35

high: 26cm, 23cm, 16cm

21. H. Ráhmer Mária - Flower paickers

between 1930-40

high: 48cm, 31cm, 27cm, 15cm, 13cm

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