Cser Jolán ceramics
(Budapest, Január 7, 1914 - Budapest, Március 5, 1999)

Offspring of an old potters' dynasty in Baja Earned her diploma at the Hungarian Royal College of Crafts with honours in 1935. under sculptors Antal Orbán and Béla Ohnmann and ceramist István Gádor. Her father, sculptor Károly Cser, a member of the New Saciety of Artists, had a great influence on her work. Typical for her an are singular figural small sculptures and tile pictures.
As Scolarship holder of the National Association of Designers, she could take part in all their foreign and Hungarian exhibitions.
Was member of the Hungarian Art Fund later MAOE (1953).

- The mark of Jolán Cser


1. Jolán Jolán - Covered box


Marked on the bottom, scratched into the mass Cser J

size: 15cm

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