Molnár Elek ceramics


(Nagykörös, 1916 febr. 18. - Nagykörös, 1994 nov. 10.)


He studied ceramics at the Hungarian Royal College of Craft between 1933-39 as a pupil of Antal Orbán and Imre Simai. Continued his studies in Faenza at the Department of ceramics of the Istituto d'Arte per la Ceramica, his masters were Rambelli, Bucci and Battistini. He made experiments with glaze and colours and in addition learned Italian maiolica-technic.
He returned to Nagykőrös in 1958, where he leaded a circle of artists.
In his workshop he modelled small sculptures and medals, worked mostly from terracotta. His pieces show sculptural approach and high quality of technikal knowledge. He was interested in sculptural building-decoration as well. He made the front-cover of the Stadion and of the Embassy of the German Democrated Republic in Budapest. Participated in the reconstruction of the front decoration elements of the ELTE University. Faculty Natural Sciences, Opera-house, the so called "Várbazár" and "Vajdahunyadvár".
He got the Scholarship of the Hungarian Academy in Rome in 1940-41.
Was member of the Association of Hungarian Artists and the Hungarian Art Fund (1947).



- Molnár Elek's sign


mel1.jpg mel2.jpg

Molnár Elek - Couple


size: 38 x 44cm

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