Jenő, Eschenbach ceramics

(Budapest, Március 25, 1908 - Február 24, 1981)

Studied at the Hungarian Royal College of Crafts in Budapest from 1924, taking his diploma in ceramics in 1930. Teachers: sculptor Antal Orbán and Imre Simay, and painter Géza Udvary. Exhibited as painter between 1931 and 1933. In 1933-36 was assistant lecturer to Antal Orbán at the Academy. In 1938-44 held courses on commission by the National Management of Training the Crafts in omamentation and techniques for potters, and developed a local style from earthenware traditions in Vas country at Magyarszombatfa.
His household wares are simple in form and powerful in colouring, his reliefs and figures displayed a traditiional Hungarian approach at first and adopted a grotesque tone later. Taken to experimenting, he used unique glazes, technical tricks. Many of his works parished or are latent. Sold his smaller works - omaments, small sculpture, table ware, in the shops of the Appiled Arts Co. and Picture Gallery Co. His contribution to ecclesiastic art was also considerable. In the '50s, worked as artistic adviser for the Ceramic Cooperative of Szentendre.
Was a member of the Association of Hungarian Arts- and Craftsmen (1931). Association of Hungarian Artists (1971) and the Hungarian Art Fund (1953).

- The mark of Jenő Eschenbach


Eschenbach Jenő - Escape from Egypt

about 1930

Marked in front on the bottom: scratched the mass

size: 44 x 33cm


Eschenbach Jenő - Yellow elephant


Marked on the bottom: scratched the mass Eschenbach

size: 16 x 18cm


Eschenbach Jenő - Parasol man with dog

about 1940-50

Marked on the bottom: scratched the mass Eschenbach Made in Hungary

high: 19cm

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